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APTNE 2022 Annual Meeting & Symposium:
Walking the Preservation Tightrope: Technology vs. Tradition

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The Association of Preservation Technology Northeast Chapter (APTNE) invites the submission of abstracts for consideration for presentation at the upcoming 2022 APTNE Annual Meeting & Symposium, to be held on Friday, February 25th, 2022, with an in-person event held at Hudson Hall at the historic Hudson Opera House in Hudson, New York, as well as a virtual program.  The overarching theme of the 2022 APTNE Annual Meeting & Symposium is technology vs. tradition and will feature presentations and a panel discussion from professionals, emerging professionals, and local students.

“Technology, though ceaselessly striving toward the future, has continually revised how we view the past,” Ben Rowen.

Preservation of the built environment requires a thorough understanding of historic construction and craftsmanship, but preservation professionals frequently walk the tightrope of integrating old construction with new technologies. Too much focus to either side and a building can lose historic character or risk becoming obsolete. As the world moves towards integrating new modes of technology into all phases of construction, we also risk the loss of knowledge from trades and craftspersons as younger generations are drawn towards the latest and greatest, at the expense of the tried and true. 

Preservation is left to wrestle with a number of the following questions.  What are the risks, opportunities, and challenges of a greater focus on technological advancements and new construction materials?  Are there limits to what new technology can accomplish that mean there will always be a place for traditional trade skills?  How can trades adapt to modern methods and materials to ensure long-term relevance?  Can technology and tradition coexist and what practices can preservationists utilize in their project development to ensure that both are integrated in the process?  How can vernacular architecture take advantage of modern technology in response to changing culture, code requirements, and development?  In what ways, if any, does new technology threaten the historic integrity of built structures?.

Presentations must be tied to one of the following tracks:

  • Modern technology, i.e. non-destructive evaluation, photogrammetry, laser scanning, materials testing, computer modeling, upgraded and modern materials
  • Traditional building techniques, i.e. tradesperson techniques, preservation of knowledge
  • Adaptation of traditional building techniques and materials using modern technology, i.e. what works and what doesn't, revisiting historic methods and materials in new construction
  • Infrastructure upgrades, i.e. sustainability efforts, mechanical upgrades to existing structures, building monitoring systems

We encourage not only case studies, but also social discussions, technical discussions, and academic research.  

Presentations are to be 25-30 minutes in length and are to be in English, with a maximum of two speakers.  Selected presenters will be required to provide a video recording of their presentation by the end of January and confirm their interest in in-person and/or virtual presentations.

Abstract submission will be through the APTNE website.  The following materials will be required to submit an abstract:

  • Contact Information- Name, Email, Phone Number
  • Presenter Information- Resume (word doc), Head shot, Short Biography (250 words or less)
  • Abstract Information- Title, Abstract (500-900 words in word doc and plain text)
  • Impact Statement- Up to 250 words about how your proposed abstract  is related to technology in preservation and how it will build upon and/or advance the field of preservation
  • Photographs- at least one photograph referencing the abstract

The due date for Abstract Submission is October 18th. The selection process and notifications will be completed in Mid-November.

 If you are interested and have your materials ready to go:


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