APTNE 2020 Annual Meeting & Symposium

Abstract Submission

The Association of Preservation Technology Northeast Chapter (APTNE) invites the submission of abstracts for consideration for presentation at the upcoming 2020 APTNE Annual Meeting & Symposium, to be held on Friday February 28th, 2020 in the Biltmore Ballroom of the Graduate Providence in Providence, Rhode Island.  There will be one keynote speaker, and approximately twelve presentations.  The overarching theme of the 2020 APTNE Annual Meeting & Symposium is adaptive reuse and revitalization with the following theme:

20/20 Vision: New Uses for Old Buildings

We are at a crossroads in our history.  In this time of limited future resources and climate change, a building reused or reinvented is often the most sustainable building option.  The practice of adaptively reusing outdated structures extends far back to the past, including old Roman basilicas and temples recycled as early Christian churches.  Now, as we move into the 21st Century, it becomes more critical to reuse existing buildings and to make them relevant for future generations.  As stated by Carl Elefante, FAIA, FAPT, LEED AP in 2012, “The greenest building is the one already built”.

Presentations on the following suggested adaptive reuse topics will be considered:

  • Adaptive reuse of existing buildings by change of use and/or form
  • Re-purposing existing building components for the benefit of the building, future generations, community, etc.
  • Exterior restoration of existing buildings, including thermal upgrades to the building envelope
  • Revitalization of downtown areas through adaptive reuse of existing buildings and public space
  • Creative and innovative approaches to evaluating and optimizing a building’s functionality and programming, within the context of the surrounding area’s population and needs 

Any presentation that discuss case studies should address one, or many, of the adaptive reuse topics listed above.  Presenters are encouraged to demonstrate how the case study contributes knowledge to the field of preservation by providing in-depth analysis of what was learned in the course of the study or project.  

Presentations are to be 15-20 minutes in length and are to be in English, with a maximum of two speakers. The due date for Abstract Submission is November 15th.  

Abstract submission will be through the APTNE website.  The following materials will be required to submit an abstract:

  • Contact Information- Name, Email, Phone Number
  • Presenter Information- Resume (word doc), Head shot, Short Biography (250 words or less)
  • Abstract Information- Title, Abstract (500-900 words in word doc and plain text)
  • Photographs- at least one photograph referencing the abstract

The selection process and notifications will be completed in Mid-December.

 If you are interested and have your materials ready to go:


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