There are a number of scholarships available annually to student scholars and recent graduates in the fields of historic preservation or conservation or related fields in architecture, engineering, materials science, or allied trades.

2022 Scholarship Winners

APTNE is proud to announce Shannon Trono, Columbia University, New York
as our 2022 Melissa Morrissey Scholarship Fund Recipient

Shannon’s keen interest in the interdisciplinary studies of preservation, conservation, material science and architecture is evident both in the classroom and in her past work experiences as a museum educator, a conservatory of the decorative arts and an archeological laboratory technician. Shannon’s passion for preservation in the form of architectural conservation prompted her to relocate from Texas to New York, where she is currently pursuing her masters in historic preservation at Columbia University. As part of her thesis research, Shannon is exploring how 3D printing technologies can provide a potential cost-saving alternative to mold-made reproductions for historic terracotta elements. Shannon is also passionate about expanding the number and diversity of voices heard within the preservation industry.

APTNE is proud to announce Preme Chaiyatham, Columbia University, New York

as our 2022 APTNE Scholarship Recipient

Preme’s passion for preservation stems from examining the critical intersection of technology, creativity and preservation to progress the industry and practice. Her thesis investigates the use of projection mapping as a non-invasive and reversible tool in historic preservation. As projection mapping technology becomes more available and costs become more affordable, small and underfunded house museums can use this technology to educate the public about their history and engage the next generation. The remainder of Preme’s thesis will focus on evaluating various types of projection mapping software to develop a guideline for small institutes to follow when incorporating this technology. In addition to her master’s thesis research, Preme recently earned first place in APTi’s design-build student competition where students examined the arch of the Brooklyn Bridge and were asked to design/build two masonry arches. Preme is a student speaker at APTNE’s 2022 Annual Symposium on Technology vs. Tradition.

Available Scholarships

APTI Annual Symposium Grant

Overview: Each year, APTNE hosts student-member presenters at our Annual Symposium in early February. At our annual symposium, a jury selects one student presenter based on merit of their presentation to attend APTI’s Annual Conference, which includes presentations from leaders in preservation and provides opportunities to engage in one-on-one networking with industry professionals from around the world.
Award: The grant provides reimbursement of costs for hotel, travel and other event-related expenses, up to $1,500.
Event: 2022 APTI Symposium, held in Detroit, MI, November 7 - 12.

Melissa Morrissey Scholarship Fund

Overview: The Melissa Morrissey Scholarship Fund was established in 2014 by APTNE to honor the memory of former board member Pat Morrissey’s daughter. The scholarship is to provide financial support to help defer expenses relating to education, training, or continuing professional development. 

Deadline: December 31, 2022

Jill Verhosek Scholarship Fund

Overview: The Jill Verhosek Scholarship Fund was established in May 2022 by APTNE to honor the memory of our Board Member Jill Verhosek.  The scholarship is to provide financial support to help defer expenses relating to education, training, or continuing professional development. 

Deadline: December 31, 2022


How to Apply

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a student enrolled full-time in a high school, college, or graduate program either demonstrating an inclination towards or enrolled in academic fields related to historic preservation or conservation trades in New York, Southern New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont or Maine; or be a recent graduate (within the last two years) from one of the above listed programs.
  • Applicants must be current APTNE members.  Go to our Membership Page for more information.
  • Applicants shall have attended at least one APTNE event in the last six months.
  • Special consideration will be given to students actively working towards specializing in fields relating to preservation technology.

APTNE reviews applications for geographical and institutional distribution.

Past recipients cannot be awarded for two consecutive years.


Applicant to fill our application form, including up to 250 words about how you would use the scholarship (required) and include a letter of recommendation (required). 

Apply for a Student Scholarship

When to Apply

We are currently accepting scholarship applications for the "Melissa Morrissey Scholarship Fund" and "APTNE Scholarship", and encourage any student or young professional interested in historic preservation to apply.  The time to apply is now!  Applications will be reviewed annually at the end of January for consideration.  To be eligible for consideration during the current cycle, please submit applications no later than December 31, 2022. Applications submitted after this date will be considered for the following cycle.

Applicants will be notified of the APTNE Student Scholarship Committee’s decision within one month of application deadline.


For more information about APTNE Grants and Student Scholarships, please contact [email protected].


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